Dri Valley (Dambeun)


The Dri Valley is also a very beautiful place but somewhat plain unlike the Mathun Valley. River Dri flows which is turbulent at the lower region but becomes calm at the upper region which makes Dambeun, which is 32 kms from Anini, an ideal spot for tourists and picnickers during winter season. Dambeun, the Circle Hq. and ITBP base camp is the last motorable village  and after that one can go on foot for trekking.

Photo Gallery

  • Picnic Spot
    Dambeun Picknic Spot
  • Dri
    Dri at Dambeun
  • Forest

How to Reach:

By Air

Chopper Service from Itanagar via Roing to Anini.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Tinsukia.

By Road

Dambeun Circle is 32 kms from Anini. From Dambeun you can go foot.


1. Circuit House/IB @ Anini 2. Govt. Guest House @ Alinye