The district and the people of Dibang Valley are blessed with the nature and are rich in flora and fauna. Due to high altitudinal variation the floral and the faunal diversity is very high.

The faunal diversity consists of species of high mountain zones. As per the survey conducted in Dibang wild life sanctuary it is reported that there are as many as 156 mammal species and more than 137 bier species. The animals ranging from rodent to squirrel, red Panda , Musk Deer, Serow Leopard, Tiger, Orange Bellied Himalayan Squirrel, wild boar, Himalayan black bear, barking deer, snow leopard, Sun Bear and the famous Mishmi Takin (Buborcas taxicolor Taxicolon), find a habitat in the forest of Dibang Valley.

The Bird of Pheasant species is common inside the forest and has viable population of Mishmi Monal, Red Breasted Hill Partridges, Blood Pheasants, Khalliji Pheasant, Blyths’s Tragopan are found in the forest of Dibang Valley.

The common flora like Alnus Nepalensiss, Tsuga Spp., Rhododendron Spp., Oak(Quercus Spp.),  Crypto Maria Japonica, Pine (Pius Sp.) Holock(Terminalis Sp.), Orium(Bishofia Javanica), Chestnut, Walnut, Michelia Champaca (champa) etc. and some of the Medicinal Plants such as Mishmi Teeta (Coptis teeta), Centella Assiatica (Brahmi) , Ginseng, Paris palifolia, Aconitum, etc. are popularly found in the district.