Grievance Redressal Mechanism

ADC (HQ)/EAC is designated as the grievance redressal officer for the purpose of services delivered from Deputy Commissioner Office.
Name of the Officer : Sri N. Borang, APCS
Email Id: nborang1972[at]gmail[dot]com
Contact No: +916033971601
You can also put your grievance/feedback in the Grievance Box placed in front of the office or can e-mail to –

Expectations from Service Recipients

1) Submission of applications in complete with requisite documents and fee.
2) Timely submission of applications to avoid last minute hurry.

Feedback from the Citizens/stakeholders

If you are not satisfied with any service, please contact:-

Sl. No. Name of Officer Designation Contact No. eMail_Id WhatsApp No.
1 Sri Pagli Sora Deputy Commissioner +916033937198 dc-dvalley-arn[at]nic[dot]in, anini12[at]gmail[dot]in +919612105080
2 Additional Deputy Commissioner
3 Sri N. Borang Extra Assistant Commissioner +916033971601 nborang1972[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Sri Toni Mitkong Extra Assistant Commissioner +919402230452 tonimitkong2018[at]gmail[dot]com
5 Smti Shanti Mize Circle Office – Anini, Anelih, Arzoo/ BDO – Anelih-Arzoo +919402888766
6 Smti Mide Bage Circle Officer-cum-BDO – Etalin +916033857660 midebage39[at]gmail[dot]com
7 Smti Jume Ete Circle Officer – Dambbeun & Mipi +919402074626