Schemes under DDSE:

  1. SSA
  2. RMSA
  3. MDM

The mid-day meal (MDM) is being served to the regular children of the primary and community schools in the district starting from the month of April/June. Process of obtaining food grain (Rice) is like that, ADEO MDM of DDSE office usually obtained MDM R.O from office of Area Manager FCI Banderdewa and received food grains (Rice) from FCI Depot. Roing and hand over the same to carriage contractor for onward distribution to schools. According the carriage contractor distributes to the as per strength of students, as sub-allocated for the quarter. There are 19 (Nineteen) Middle School, 8 Primary School and 16 (sixteen) Pre-Primary and one private school. Total MDM Beneficiaries=30 schools (784 students)

Sl No Name Designation Posting Place Remark
1  Bomgi Doke DDSE Anini
2 Gopal Umbrey DAEO Anini
2  Shri Khober Melo, I/C Principal, GHSS Anini
3 VP, GHSS Anini
4  Jaha Mele, I/C Headmaster, GSS Etalin
5 Principal, JNV Anini