IT Projects

The role of Information Communications Technology (ICT) is very important to deliver timely and efficient government services to the citizens and Government employees. So, with the support of State Govt. and Central Govt. Dibang Valley District Administration has drawn up an ambitious e-governance plan to use IT enabled services to improve service delivery to the citizens, and at the same time, improve procedures and functioning of Govt. Departments. However, it has to be remembered that the implementation of various e-governance projects is hampered / delayed to the problems of unfriendly hilly terrain of the District, lack of physical infrastructure and connectivity, lack of electronic connectivity, unstable electricity supply etc.

In spite of all these obstacles, the NIC District Centre under the direct supervision of Deputy Commissioner is trying hard to develop applications for each Department to improve their working. NIC, GOI is the key department in the district to coordinate the ICT activities.NIC has taken up or implemented Some of the projects/applications undertaken by NIC are as follows:

Sl No Project/Application Place of Installation Year of Launch Detail
 1  Community Information Centre Block Office, Anini 2004  Click
2 CIPA/CCTNS Police Station Anini 2008 Click
3 IDSP DMO Office 2008  Click
4 MCTS DMO Office 2008  Click
5 Confonet Legal Metrology 2008 Click
6 MNREGA Block Office 2010  Click
7 PayRoll DC Office 2010  Click
8 District Web Site DC office 2010  Click
9 NADRS DVO Office 2011
10 NDAL/NDAL-ALIS DC Office 2016 Click
11 Common Service Centres Click