Sl No Designation Phone Office Phone Residence
1 Deputy Director of Agriculture 3801-222232
2 Agriculture Development Officer

Programs undertaken by the Dept. of Agriculture

State plan schemes

  1. Commercial Crop Production.
    1. Potato production.
    2. Off season, vegetable production.
    3. Distribution of cash Crop seed on subsidy’ (oil seeds, vegetables,Ginger, Sugar cane and other)
  2. High Yielding variety.
  3. (Hybrid Rice, Maize, Vegetables).
  4. Crop protection:-
    1. All kinds of chemical pesticides
    2. Plant protection equipment
    3. Manures and Fertilizers.
    4. Chemical fertilizers.
    5. Organic/Bio/Nicro fertilizer and soil AudioNet.
  5. Agriculture Marketing and Quality central under APMC.

Centrally sponsored Schemes

  1. Watershed Development program in shifting cultivation area at Emuli village and Mathu Valley.
  2. National watershed Development in Rain fed areas at:-
    1. Dri Valley Watershed project at Angrim Valley.
    2. Ajoy watershed project at Maliney.