Administrative Setup

Administrative set-up of Dibang valley district is a single line administration system like the other districts in Arunachal Pradesh. The district is comprised of three Community Developments Blocks namely

    1.  Anini-Mipi-Aliney
    2. Etalin -Maliney
    3. Anelih-Arzoo.

Each CD Block has the administrative centres. Anini-Mipi-Aliney CD Block has Anini, Mipi and Dambuen as the Administrative Circles, under Etalin-Maliney CD Block Etalin is the Administrative Circle and under Anelih-Arzoo CD Block Kronli (Arzoo) and Anelih are the Administrative Circles. All administrative centres are under the supervision of Administrative Officers.

The Deputy Commissioner by virtue of its delegated power is the head of administration and being the District Magistrate of the district maintains law and order with the help of administrative officers and police force. it also looks after the developmental activities in the districts with the coordination of developmental agencies available in district.