Adventure Tourism – Dri River Valley Trek

The Dri river valley trek is a break from the usual fare that is on offer in the Mishimi Hills. Unlike other routes in this area, this particular trek involves minimal climbing and is marked by well defined trails. Here we will follow the course of Dri river – one of the major rivers in the Dibang valley. We will start our journey from Damben – the last ITBP station about 25 kms from Anini and we will follow the river upstream to the starting point of the river’s journey in the plains of Dibang valley.

The trek is ideal for intermediate and seasoned trekkers. Even though there are no steep uphill or downhill, there will be some amount of swamps and bamboo thickets that one will have to negotiate. So some amount of prior trekking experience is expected. There will be experienced guides and local support crew to help you in the trek as well as show you the rich bio diversity of this beautiful valley.