Social Welfare Schemes

Date : 01/04/1995 - | Sector: Women & Child Welfare


SNP (Supplementary Nutrition Programs): Nutrition Programmers for children from 0-6 years to promote child health development and for the pregnant mother and lactating mother for special additional nutrition.

NHAD (Nutrition health awareness programs): Programs to create awareness among pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescent girls regarding health and nutrition.

IMMUNIZATION: Programs to ensure 100% of children below 0-6 years in collaboration with the health deptt.


The NSAP is launched with the aim of providing social assistance to destitute “defined as any person who has little or no regular means of subsistence from his/her own source of income or through financial support from family members or other sources”. The NSAP includes three components: National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS), National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS), and National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS).

INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OLD AGE PENSION SCHEME: Programs to provide financial assistance to elder persons from the age of sixty and above lying under below poverty line (BPL).

NATIONAL FAMILY BENEFIT SCHEME: Programs to provide one time financial grant of Rs 10,000/- per primary bread earner of below poverty line (BPL) family.

IGNWPS (INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL WIDOW PENSION SCHEME): Scheme to provide a pension of Rs 200/-per month to widows of below poverty line (BPL) family up to attainment of 60 years of age.

KSY (KISHORI SHAKTI YOJNA): Programes to educate adolescent girls regarding the health, nutrion and to prove vocational training to school dropout adolescent girls.


Widows & Children


Monetary & Nutrition Supply Items for Children

How To Apply

Through Deputy Director of Social Welfare and concerned CD Block Child Development Programme Officers.