District ICT Project

Dibang Valley District is one of the remotest district of Arunachal Pradesh. The district is presently having lot of difficulties due to geographical distance from the state capital and key township. The role of Information Communications Technology ( ICT) is very important to deliver timely and efficient government services to the citizens and Government employees. NIC (National Informatics Centre), GOI is the key department in the district to coordinate the ICT activities. Some of the project undertaken are as follows:

Community Information Centre

The primary objectives / aims of the CIC Project, as envisioned are:

* Interface between citizen and government
* Connectivity to Internet through NICNET through VSAT
* Web Browsing and email facilitation
* Distance learning programmes
* Familiarising use of computers among special groups like children and women
* Enabling IT-enabled services as needed for the local community

This project was implemented in the year 2002 in Anini whereby the Block Development Officer (BDO) was the custodian and NIC was the technical implementation and support agency. Presently, CIC is owned by the State Government and the Internet connectivity to CIC is being extended through NIC.


Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) was launched by Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare in November 2004. It is a decentralized, State based Surveillance Program in the counstry.

For Project implementation, Surveillance Units have been set up at Central, State and District level. Surveillance Committees at National, State and District levels are monitoring the Project. Currently linkages are being established with all State Head Quarters, District Head Quarters and all Government Medical Colleges on a Satellite Broadband Hybrid Network. The network on completion will enable 800 sites on a broadband network of which 400 sites will have dual connectivity with satellite and broadband. This network enables enhanced Speedy Data Trsansfer, Video Conferencing, Discussions, Training, Communication and in future e-learning for outbreaks and program monitoring under IDSP. A 24X7 call center with toll free telephone no 1075 accessible from BSNL/MTNL telephone from all states is in operation since February 2008. This receives disease alerts from anywhere in the country and diverges the information to the respective State/District Surveillance Units for verification and initiating appropriate actions wherever required.

Major Components

Status of IDSP in Dibang Valley

One of the important e-Gov projects in the Health Sector, has been running successfully since its inception in the district.


A scheme for computerization and computer networking of Consumer Fora in the country, CONFONET was launched during the 10th Plan period in March, 2005 at a cost of Rs. 48.64 crores. Under the scheme, the Consumer Fora at all the three tiers throughout the country are being fully computerized & connected through network for exchange of information which would enable them to access information faster, facilitating quicker disposal of cases, implemented by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) on a turnkey basis.


Jan Suvidha is a project conceived and executed with an intention to provide a single-window solution to the common masses for all kinds of Govt. to Citizen (G-to-C) centric services. The project has proved to be a boon for the people of such a district where connectivity and communication have always been the major hurdle towards its steady socio-economic development. The initiative in this direction has been a stepping stone for the district and its development. Earlier, it would take even a months time or more for a person to acquire an ST Certificate. But, now it takes only a day for him or her to get the certificate issued. Presently, the centre has only four public utility services incorporated into it, viz:.

The following services have been planned for implementation in near future:.