District Headquarter : Anini


Anini, the District Headquarter and its adjoining areas like Mipi,Alinye(A.L.G.) Anrimvalley, Acheso, Dambuen, Mihundo etc are potential tourist spots.There are more than 30 lakhs of various sizes lying Hidden high up in the snow-clad mountains which feed the various mighty roaring rivers like DRI, MATHUN, ANGE, TALON,and AHI besides various streams and innumerable breath-taking waterfalls all round the year.

Several ranges, Pine filled mountains and Hillocks with meandering rivers are ideal spots for tracking, picnicking, angling and paragliding etc. The upper stretches of Mihundo village is a fit place for rock climbing. Mention may be made of the paragliding that was introduced for the first time at Anini on 17th, Jan' 03 by the parachuting team of 29 Assam Rifles .